How to be a 5-star Userbrain tester

This Guide will help you understand what usability testing is, what your role is in improving the usability of the Web & what are the requirements of testing.

How it works

A test is delivered to Userbrain’s clients as a screen recording of what you are doing on site, and an audio recording of your voice - you speaking your whole thought process about what you experience & notice on the site.

So here’s What you need to start:


  • ​You should be talking all the time, ​telling us your thoughts so we understand all the Why's behind the clicks. This is also essential.
  • Speak about:
    • What you’re looking at, what you’re trying to do
    • What you would expect to happen before clicking on something
    • How what happened affected your experience
    • How easy or difficult it is to find the information
    • Take a look at how our best testers do it →
  • Never EVER pre-test a site! We only need first-time experiences so if we see you are pre-testing sites, you will not receive any more tests.
  • You can't do anything wrong​ while testing​​!​ Even if you are lost or confused, your confusion helps customers improve, so feel free to ​show your confus​ion​, ​​your first impression, your "beginners" reactions when you don't yet know where things are and how they work. That is essential.​
  • ​​​Always check the microphone sound quality before testing through a Skype test call or here.
  • ​​​Don't test while in crowded, loud places where we can’t hear your voice well. We can't send those tests to our customers so​​ ​you won't get paid for them.
  • If the customers don't provide log in credentials, you can use fake ones from, so you don't have to struggle with making these things up.

The sample test

You are now well prepared to take the Sample Test. You do this so we check if there are any issues, with our apps, or your devices.

If we find you have issues, we’ll get back to you with some suggestions on how to fix that if possible.

After we approve your Sample test, you will start receiving Paid tests for which you are paid 3$ each.

As soon as you start doing paid tests, the quality of your videos will be rated.

How do paid tests work

  1. You receive tests throughout the week. Check the apps regularly to see if you have any tests available.
  2. A test requires optimally 5-15 min of you interacting with the site and speaking your thoughts.
  3. You can do the tests from your PC, iPhone and iPad (no Android, sorry), through our Chrome Extension or iOS app.
  4. You open the test in one of our Apps, there you see the URL of the site you will be testing, and Tasks & Scenarios that tell you what to do on site and the mindset you should adopt.
  5. It’s important that you have never been to the website before. If you have, you should skip that test. Clients are testing first-time experiences so we only need first time users of a website or webapp.
  6. You can always view the Tasks & Scenarios by clicking on the Userbrain Chrome Extension or on Show Task in the iOS app.
  7. Testing procedure is similar to the Sample test. You just get better with relaxing and speaking your thoughts about all you notice.
  8. After 5-15min of testing you finish the test (take a bit more time if you need, but don’t go under 5min) and through
  9. Through the Userbrain Chrome Extension you upload the finished test by clicking “Finish test and upload” of course:)
  10. We do a quality check of each test and notify you if your test has been approved or not.
  11. If approved, you get 3$ transferred to your Userbrain account, and after you collect 10$ you can request a payout to PayPal.

An example video

The easiest way to learn how to test is by watching this video of a 5-star test:


I'm ready to start testing

If there’s something else you want to know, just write us an email at