How to test on laptop and desktop computers

The easiest way to test on your laptop or desktop computer is to download Google Chrome and install our Userbrain testing extension.

Here’s how to do it—step by step:

  1. Download Google Chrome for desktop
  2. Open the Google Chrome Store and search for "Userbrain"
  3. Add our Userbrain testing extension to Google Chrome
  4. Click on the Userbrain icon in the top right corner of Chrome
  5. Enter your testing code (you can find it in your dashboard)
  6. Click on "Read task" and give access to your microphone
  7. Click on "Select screen" and share your screen
  8. Click on "Open site and start recording" (the red timer on the Userbrain icon shows that you’re recording)
  9. Click on "Finish recording and upload" once you’ve completed the test
  10. Please wait for the video to be uploaded before you close Google Chrome again

Looks more complicated than it actually is. Just install our Userbrain testing extension and you’ll figure out the rest yourself :)

If you test on Mac OS X, you could also record your videos with Quicktime and upload them in your tester dashboard.

You have any questions? Please just send us an email to and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.